El Løvaas
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About El 

“I create simply because I do not know how not to.”



El Lovaas was born and raised in a small town in Norway. The long, dark and arctic winters allowed her to spend much of her time indoors creating a variety of art.

Inspired by her many art professors, she learned how to see instinctively and trust the journey, while using humility to guide her way. 

El continues to create original pieces in her art studio in southern California. Her studio is filled with unfinished works, a variety of substrates and mixed mediums. Crystals, sage, tree bark and other inspirational pieces from nature are beautifully placed around her work space. 

“It is all about energy and balance.” El says, “I create simply because I do not know how not to.”

Emanating with emotion and light, her gallery includes thoughtful collections, some of which she titles “movement“, “senses“ and “sound”. 

“My work is an intuitive process. I get into a flow, almost meditative, where I often lose track of time. I layer, peel, scrape and poor. I allow the paints, charcoal, pastels, wax and textures to guide my work as my goal is to evoke energy and emotion.”

Norwegian artist based in San Diego.

Most of my work is intuitive painting. When I start a new piece, the first thing I do is sage my studio, materials and myself. Then, I write a positive message on the substrate. Even though it will be covered by mixed media, the message will always be in the space. My intuition guides me through the process as I collaborate with pastels, charcoal, graphite, paints, wax and textures. I allow myself to feel free and get lost in the moment. I get into a flow - almost meditative. I often incorporate crushed gem stones with healing properties into my work. To me, it is all about energy and balance and my goal is always to evoke emotion. My work is a free flowing expression of whatever I feel in that moment. I let it dry and repeat… layer upon layer. The accidents and the unpredictability of how the mediums will interact, are often times the most beautiful. I often spend months, before completion. When I am working in my studio, I get out of my head and into my heart.

Every day in the studio is a learning experience and I am grateful to be able to do what I love.